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Active Characters (Past Month): 469

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Server Information

Total Accounts Registered: 73,850
Total Roleplay Plus Members: 0
Total hours played: 538,312
Latest Account Registered was: Bryzo
Total unused vPoints in the server: 25,632
Total Characters Created: 58,159
Total CK'd Characters 4,006
Latest Character Created was: Bryzo_Littlejohn
Character with the most hours: Frank_Vercetti Hours: 4,501 Still Alive? Yes
Most active Character this week: Frank_Vercetti With 5 hours
Most active Character this month: Frank_Vercetti With 332 hours
Total money in the Bank of Los Santos: $3,618,524,207

Characters with the most Hours:
Character Name Total Hours
Frank_Vercetti - Alive 4,501
Blake_Jackson - Alive 3,419
Jace_Jackson - Alive 2,716
Jimmie_Jackson - Alive 2,010
Jeff_Greene - Alive 1,994

Richest People in the Server:
Character Name Net Worth
Alexander_Morello $193,102,125
Brian_Morello_Babarian $120,678,650
Melissa_Hunter $119,452,519
Jimmie_Jackson $90,518,083
Cledus_Houston $85,836,317

Vehicle Information

Total Vehicles In Game: 5,812
Total KM Driven in the server: 2,327,711,324Km (not including deleted cars)
Total Vehicles Impounded to date: 36,508

Property Information

Total Interiors In Game: 4,665
Interiors For Sale: 3,483
Unpaid Business Profit: $7,032,608
Total Property Net Worth: $3,164,409,342

Donation Information

Total Donations To Date: 2,674
Last Donator was: Eclipse Donated: $2 On: 2017-12-29 23:01:10
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Admin Information

Total Jails Issued: 16,697
Last Jail: Admin Bryan Night Jailed: Jessie Parkman For: 0 Minutes. Reason: Get the hairline under control
Total Warns Issued: 1,362
Last Warn: Admin Jessie Parkman Warned: Bryan Night Reason: Drug addict
Total Bans Issued: 1,531
Last Ban: Admin Samantha Blue Banned: Blake Jackson Reason/Time: fuck off mate (0.1 Hours)